Celebrities who joined Threads – Who is on the list?

Mark Zuckerberg and Meta have launched Threads, a social network akin to Elon Musk’s Twitter, focused on exchanging short text messages. Retaining your Instagram username and verification status, Threads aims to rival Musk’s platform with a similar interface.

Threads Launch and Initial Reception

The application debuted on iOS and Android in over 100 countries, including Ukraine. Within seven hours, 10 million users had registered, including a slew of celebrities who swiftly engaged with the platform.


Celebrities Embracing Threads

Shakira’s Debut

Singer Shakira, among the first to join, shared glimpses of her life, debuting with posts from the Viktor & Rolf Haute show during Paris Fashion Week.

Oprah Winfrey’s Promotion

TV mogul Oprah Winfrey used her first post to endorse her upcoming film, “The Color Purple,” urging followers to embrace the color as the film hits theaters in December.

Jennifer Lopez’s Curiosity

Jennifer Lopez, exploring the new platform, sought guidance from fans on initiating her Threads journey.

Notable Entries

  • Bill Gates: The former Microsoft co-founder marked his Threads debut with a familiar GIF from his Twitter account, hinting at potential future content.
  • Stephen Bartlett: Renowned entrepreneur and podcaster, Bartlett actively engages on Threads, amassing over 150k followers in just three days, indicating the app’s burgeoning popularity.
  • Gordon Ramsay: The celebrity chef, known for his culinary ventures, has garnered over 650k followers through his active engagement on Threads.
  • Tom Fletcher: Frontman of McFly, Tom Fletcher shares his experiences, recently highlighting his concert in Leeds, attracting significant engagement.

The Celebrity Presence in Threads

Expanding the platform’s horizons, the influx of celebrities like Oprah, Shakira, and others showcases the diverse engagement and content Threads offers. Their active participation hints at the potential for unique interactions and varied content on this burgeoning platform.

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